Stereo Mastering (save on 3+ tracks)


We’ve been making music sound expensive since 2006 – but it won’t cost you too much.

1-2 tracks mastered = £30 per track
3-4 tracks mastered = £27 per track
5-8 tracks mastered = £25 per track
9-13 tracks mastered = £23 per track
14 or more tracks mastered = £22 per track
(Discounts are automatically applied when you select the number of tracks)

Want Stem Mastering? Just use the “add additional stems” option.


Stereo Mastering has been our foundation since 2006, & we’ve mastered around 13,000 tracks. We will turn your recording into a record!
We control and enhance the dynamics while giving it a competitive volume appropriate to the genre (but being careful not crush the life out of it for the sake of winning the loudness war!). We sweeten the overall tone, tease out the subtleties of performance, correct any harsh frequencies and fatten the mix to something massive, before handing the finished album back to you on a metaphorical silver platter.
Read about our approach to Album Mastering.
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