DJ Mix Mastering


The DJ industry is more competitive than ever, so your mixes have to really stand out as professional.

Our DJ Mix Optimization includes Includes transparent level matching, EQ Matching & overall final playback volume boosting, making your mix sound slicker than the competition.




Assuming you are mixing commercially released music, all the tracks will have already been mastered. But not TOGETHER!

There are often some tracks that come out quieter or louder than others, or maybe a little bass-light or treble-heavy compared to the tracks either side. Also it is inevitable for some volume spikes to occur when two tracks are mixed together, or scratching happens.

These factors can be annoying to the listener, & make your mix sound less professional overall. We can sort these issues out & buff up your mix into a thing of beauty that will stand alongside the big names.

We will automate fader riding to organically level it all out, rather than the inferior method of just running it all through a limiter. We will then artfully increase the overall volume while preserving the dynamics & punch.

If you have issues with some tracks standing out due to having drastically different tone then we can balance the EQ on tracks that stand out, giving a more coherent listen.

DJ Mix Optimization is an essential part of your DJ business strategy.