Terms & Conditions + your data

We are reasonable people & will work hard to achieve your goals alongside you. But we still have to set out our terms & conditions. By using any of our services you agree to all these conditions.


You” “Your” = you the client (including your personnel & associates e.g. band members, record label, manager, PR etc.)

We” “Our” “Us” “The Company” = Fat As Funk. Part of the Alternative Blueprint Ltd group.

Fat As Funk – Terms, conditions & your data. Written 01/01/2015, updated to encompass GDPR regulations.

How we process your data: We abide by GDPR guidelines.

We will never sell or give your data to anyone, ever. We don’t store your personal data.
We only use your email address or phone number to contact you regarding your masters/mixing jobs. We only have your physical address if you want us to post you a CD, then we only write it on the envelope & don’t keep a record of it. We do not store your details in any database. You can opt-in to our mailing list & then unsubscribe whenever you want. We are total believers in online freedom & privacy!

We will keep your music private. We use various levels of high-end protection on our machines to keep your information & assets safe. We keep your music on an external HD that is not always connected to the internet. We do all we can to protect ourselves & your data, BUT – there is no 100% bulletproof defense against hackers & thieves, so we accept no liability for any data breaches howsoever caused.

Full payment must be made in advance. We will not start work until payment is received in full. We occasionally offer regular large clients a 30 day payment window, but this is at our sole discretion. We have to work with you for a while first before we can offer this. If we do offer this & you pay late, we are within our rights to request payment up front again next time. We reserve the right to update our prices to remain competitive or follow market trends.

We reserve the right to refuse any job for any reason. We will absolutely try our best to meet any deadline you have, & have never let anyone down yet! But we reserve the right to cancel a job due to unforeseen circumstances.

We try to get all jobs completed within a timeframe of 1-6 business days (mastering) or 4-10 business days (mixing) although we do not guarantee this timeframe. If you are in a rush then please contact us for availability first & to confirm your expected completion date. We will absolutely do our best to fit your deadline, & have never let anyone down yet! We want your business & are happy to juggle jobs around where possible to fit an urgent deadline you may have.

We offer 4 free revisions of our mixing+mastering work. Further mixing revisions/artistic changes are charged at £40 per hour, billed in 20 minute increments (we will be fair & not greedy though, so if it takes us a few of minutes over time, we will round down not up etc.)

We offer 3 free revisions of our mastering work (although we usually nail it first time!) Extra work is charged at the rate set out above.

Please work with us to achieve your goal. For revisions please be specific e.g. “I’d like the guitar to come up a little” or “can you make the vocals a little warmer” etc.  We are also artists so can work with interpretive requests such as “I see the track as a black & white Zen painting of a winding river in the mountains, but there’s a bit of mist in the scene blurring it” (that was a genuine request!) but please understand that our interpretation may differ to yours (on that job we nailed it).

If after mastering you decide to change your mix a little bit, then a nominal fee of £10 is charged per song for revisions on the new mix. It takes time looking up my settings, replicating the sound again & doing the recording pass, hence there must be a charge.

If sending you a Redbook or DDP for replication we also supply you with a test CD. It is your responsibility to ensure this test disk plays back exactly how you want. Please supply us with your desired gaps & metadata if you are ordering a Redbook or DDP.

You acknowledge and accept that it is incumbent upon You to ensure that the Pre Production Master meets with your full satisfaction before proceeding to mass production commercial exploitation of the recording thereon.

If your Redbook disk is damaged in the post then we will replace it for free.

You agree that our maximum liability for any loss or damage directly or indirectly resulting from our services shall be limited to the total price You paid to us for the job.

We shall not be liable to You or Third Parties for any indirect or consequential loss or damage including economic loss including without limitation any loss of profits or goodwill arising from any fault in the studio or delay or any act or omission or error of the Company its servants or agents. By using our services you agree to this.

We use an aggressive anti-virus, internet safety & firewall on all our computers, & follow safe internet practices all the time but we still will not guarantee your safety from viruses etc. The decision to download any file is your own & you accept all liability.

We assume You have all necessary permissions &/or ownership of the music You send us to work on, & that no files you send us infringe on any other parties rights. You take all responsibility for this.

This Agreement shall be construed in accordance with the laws of England and Wales and subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English Courts.