Send us your music

Upload files here

Send to us via Disco at the link above.

Or email your own download links to: Loz (at) (if sharing a Google/OneDrive folder make sure we have permission to download from it).

PLEASE REMOVE LIMITERS/ULTRAMAXIMIZERS/BOOSTERS from your export! The waveform you send us should look like rolling hills, not a brick.

Free mastering demo for new clients

Upload your unmastered track and we will give you a free mastering taster of what the final master will sound like.

This is completely free for stereo mastering – or you can try the stem mastering option for a very reduced price simply by purchasing a couple of stems to go with your free mastering demo order.

If you have any reference tracks you would like us to emulate the tone and feel of, you can upload them along with your tracks (clearly marking them as the reference file).

Please see our preparing your files page before uploading for the best end result (in brief = remove any limiter from the master out, check the waveform isn’t clipping and send high quality .wav or.aif files).

We will usually do your free taster within a day or 2, but please understand we must prioritise pre-paid work.

Your data

We are GDPR compliant. We will protect your private data & music. We will not sell your information – we hate all that stuff. Please read our terms & conditions for more info.

acoustic treatment mastering control room fat as funk
Carefully considered acoustic treatment of the room