Preparing your files


File types

We can work with .wav or .aiff files up to whatever resolution your heart desires.We can also import other formats if necessary.  Note: MP3’s are not the best quality to give us for mastering. MP3’s should only be sent as a last resort. If you have no other copies of your track, we can work some magic to restore the lost frequencies before mastering for NO additional fee.
Best practice is to bounce your final mix so it’s peaking somewhere around -3dB at its loudest point. This packs a lot of signal in, but leaves enough headroom to work with easily. The levels on the WAV you send should not be not clipping “in the red” at 0dB or more). An exact figure isn’t essential if you are working at 24 bit or higher as we can just adjust this end.
Delivery to us
Delivery to you
Digital delivery of audio files to you is free.
We can also provide a DDP Image or 2x Red Book audio CD with full ISRC and Metadata information inserted, ready for professional replication..
DDP is the preferred option for most pressing plants these days, it’s like a CD but in a handy zip file that doesn’t need a trip to the Post Office..
Feel free to ask about which option is best for you.
Note on limiters
Please, please, please whenever possible don’t send tracks which have already been mix limited.
This approach could be likened to a chef creating a gourmet meal from ingredients which have already been cooked. It would taste OK, but using fresh ingredients gives better results.
Over zealous use of “Loudness Maximizers” before the mastering stage is generally undesirable. Proper mastering is dependent on being able to subtly adjust the dynamic range of a track to get the best overall sound, bounce & vibes. Limiters kill dynamic range if not used carefully, making the mastering engineer have to fight against the processing that’s already there.
So please remove any Mix Limiter/Ultramaximizer etc. if possible before sending it for mastering, thankyou!
We care a lot about your final record, and won’t hesitate to request a tweaked mix if the material has already been Mix Limited to Hell & back – this is purely so we can both get what we want: a great sounding record.
Limiters Rant over. Thank you for reading.