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What genres do you specialise in?

We make music sound fat, but we are also experienced in doing delicate work – the name reflects my heritage in bass music, but I am fluent in gentle work too.

Genre specialisms = electronica, funk, house, trailer, cinematic, hip hop, grime, d&b/jungle, reggae, disco, orchestral, techno, experimental, avant-garde, blues, jazz, rootsy rock, punk, grunge, ambient… Basically anything that makes you shake your booty, or that you would relax to after shaking your booty.

“How do I send you my tracks?”

Upload direct to Fat As Funk here
Or email your own links to:
Or a free upload site we recommend is WeTransfer

“What’s your turnaround time?”

We aim to get the finished product back to you within 0-5 days for mastering jobs, & 2-10 days for mixing jobs (dependent on current workload & the size of your job of course). We are always looking to clear our books, so won’t keep you hanging about any longer than necessary.

If you have a specific, urgent deadline let us know & we will do our best and juggle things to make it happen. We can usually help you out to meet your needs.

“How should I prepare my audio?”

Stereo Wav or Aiff files are ideal (MP3 files are not so good for mastering, and should only be used as a last resort.)

Please export your wav/aiff files at 24 bit or higher. And 44.1kHz or higher.

Please allow a little headroom in your mix so it’s not clipping in the red (around -1dB is ideal).

Also please remove any extreme limiters (“Maximizers”) or similar built in mastering presets.

Click here for more tips on how to optimize your audio pre-mastering or mixing.

“Can you make these different tracks sound like they fit together as a proper album?”

Yes we can. That is exactly what we do.

We ensure your carefully crafted collection of songs will stand up as a complete work. Your album will sound cohesive, level matched & with appropriate pauses between tracks (or we can do it seamlessly). It will sound professional.

Even if you have a mixture of soft & heavy songs on the album, we can make them sound great together, & smooth out the discrepancies between mixes.

If tracks were recorded in different studios, by different engineers we will deal with all of them together as one whole thing. All done keeping your preferences & ideas in mind.

We can sensitively blend highly dynamic, subtle material into an understated work of art, or we can make your bass-heavy album hit the listener hard and loud all the way through.

Whatever the music needs, we can make it happen.

“Can I have a free mastering demo?”

Yes of course, see our page here.

If you want to add stems to the free demo (tricky vocal stem perhaps?) then you can simply purchase any extra stems separately, thus testing out the stem mastering service for a massively reduced cost. Assuming you like the results then it will be just the mastering cost left to pay at usual rates.

No free demos for mixing work, sorry. Too much time.

“What equipment do you use?”

Blue Sky System One (Ex-M&K & B&W engineer designed & built full range reference monitors. THXpm3 Certified.)

SPL & RTA calibrated room for neutral acoustics. Great room response with carefully designed acoustic treatment – a hive of absorbtion, reflection, diffusion and non-modal surfaces. This is probably the most important factor in getting a quality, consistent result that translates across all systems.

2 x Pultec Style EQ EQP-WA, Prism MLA-2 & SPL Kultube, going through a passive signal path by SPL into Sonar Platinum (64 bit). High quality, carefully selected mix of plugins by Waves, PSP etc…

For authentic analog flavour in our mixing work we have an Onyx 1640i analogue desk.

A brain and ears with over 26 years of studio experience, professionally mastering as Fat As Funk since 2006.

“I’ve changed my mix, can you run another master on it again?”

No problem, yes we can, but we do have to charge a small fee for our time. We use analog mastering hardware, which must be set up and recorded in real time, so it’s not just a case of re-bouncing.

A replacement mix from your end is £7. You can purchase the “Add stems for stem mastering” option and add a note in your order that it is for a replacement mix of your track.

“When do you require payment?”

All jobs must be paid in full upfront please (not free tasters of course!).

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