Frequently asked questions

  • Where do I send my tracks?
  • How do you like to receive tracks?
  • How do I pay you?
  • How do I know I’ll be satisfied?
  • Can I attend the session?
  • What’s your turnaround time?
  • Can I have a free demo?
  • I was expecting my master back already, where is it?
  • Why such good rates?
  • What equipment do you use?
  • What do I get for my money?
  • I’ve decided to change my mix, can you master it again for free?

“Where do I send my tracks?”

Or WeTransfer is another free upload site we recommend

“How do you like to receive my audio?”

Stereo Wav or Aiff files are ideal. 24 bit or higher, 44.1kHz or higher. Please allow a little headroom in your mix so it’s not peaking (around -1dB is ideal). Also please remove any extreme limiters (“Maximizers” or similar built in “mastering” presets). More info HERE

“How do I pay you?”

We accept most credit or debit cards and Paypal in our secure checkout page HERE.

We encourage direct bank transfer too. All the information will be in your invoice.

Alternatively sending Paypal payment direct to loz@fatasfunk.com is fine.

“How do I know I’ll be satisfied?”

 We know our stuff & will treat every job with the greatest care. We rely on industry recommendations, so we want you to be happy & tell your friends.

Your records are as important to us as our own records. The majority of new clients come to us from recommendations in the industry. The vast majority of clients return to us.
We have mastered thousands & thousands of tracks since 2004, & Fat As Funk was started in 2006. We’ve mastered every genre you can think of for large & small record labels, independent producers & major pressing plants. We can also work magic on the crustiest of home recordings by bands wanting to take it up a notch & make their demos sound proper.
We never take shortcuts, never use presets, never compromise, always take the time to get it right. We treat every track individually, & as such we would never use the same settings across a whole album, as some others do (totally the wrong idea).
We will listen to your requests before the job, we also encourage you to send us reference tracks you’d like us to emulate the sound of.
Alternatively we are happy to use our discretion. 99% of the time we get it right first time, but if you decide you would prefer it warmer/brighter/louder or whatever then we can tweak it for free, no problem, until you are 100% satisfied.
We insist on happy customers. We want you to be overjoyed by your masters, recommend us to your friends & come back to us again. Simple as that.

“Can I attend the session?”

Does it actually give better results for you? In my opinion No. Why not? Because you can make the judgement of whether something works for you best in your own listening environment, on monitors you know & listen to music on every day. Coming into a new studio with high end gear & full range flat monitoring is great, but it’s not the setup you know. Checking your masters in your own time, with no pressure & against your own record collection sounds like a better option to me.

So sorry, but in general we only offer remote mastering. We have converted many clients who previously would only use attended mastering sessions. They find it saves them so much time & gives better results.

As well as the reason above, the health & safety stuff is more hassle than it’s worth – we don’t want someone to fall down the stairs & sue us! Also if we get loads of random people in and out, it puts our insurance up, which would mean we would have to increase our prices. Having flexibility with our time allows us to get the most out of each day, and also do the work when the engineer is feeling at his best.

All in all, online mastering is the way to go!

You can always phone anytime though, including during the session. It’s good to talk: +447779527151

“What’s your turnaround time?”

We aim to get the finished product back to you within 2-6 days for mastering jobs, & 2-10 days for mixing jobs  (dependent on current workload & the size of your job of course).
If you have a specific, urgent deadline let us know & we will juggle things to make it happen.
Of course, pre-booked & paid work must take priority over free tasters, but the engineer works over-overtime, every time until the job is done.

“Can I have a free demo?”

 Yes of course, see our page here.

Due to the extra setup involved, no free demo is available on Stem Mastering or Mixing.


“I was expecting my master back already, where is it?”

Please check your junk folder first – it will be delivered using either Hightail.com or WeTransfer.com via loz (at) fatasfunk.com so make sure all these are added to safe senders list.

“Why such good rates? Do you just do it for the love, dude?”

Our rates are so reasonable because:

1) We’re not in London so don’t live with London prices!
2) We keep our overheads down by doing unattended mastering (lower insurance, no tea & biscuit costs)

“What equipment do you use?”

 Highly respected Blue Sky System One (Ex-M&K & B&W engineer designed & built full range reference monitors. THXpm3 Certified.)

SPL & RTA calibrated room for neutral acoustics. Great room response.
Hardware by TC Electronics, Prism MLA-2 & SPL Kultube – some of the finest mastering hardware in the world, going through a completely passive signal path to Sonar Platinum (64 bit). Waves etc..
For our mixing work we have an Onyx 1640i analogue desk, with some really lovely EQ on each channel, & a variety of the finest hardware & plugin effects & dynamics processors.

“What do I get for my money?”

  • Friendly service from a creative engineer who has been at the Music Industry coal face for years, & understands the industry from many sides.
  • Consultation & advice throughout
  • Expert dynamics optimisation using various methods & tricks
  • EQ enhancement performed in a neutral room
  • Solid studio experience since 1994
  • Full time mastering since 2004, Fat As Funk est.2006 – many many thousands of tracks of all genres mastered.
  • High-end class A hardware (it simply sounds better than software)
  • Free FTP digital delivery
  • Mastering business built on industry recommendation (we have hardly ever advertised & have a very low Google Adwords spend)
  • Option for Mixing + Mastering package
  • Option for Stem Mastering service
  • Option for our Mix evaluation service pre-mastering
  • Many industry references & happy returning customers


“I’ve decided to change the track slightly that you mastered a while ago, can you just run the new version through your settings again for free please?”

“Sorry, not free but I can do you a deal – with us it’s not just a case of clicking a button again inside software – we use analogue hardware to master your music, so the engineer needs to recall the settings from his notes, check it, then do a recording in real time through the machines, before doing a few more back-end processes…. then a master is produced. This all takes time, so there must be a charge for this. If the mix is essentially identical in sound & intrinsic volume it will cost £10 per song for a re-run.  If there is a little more work to do, for example if you have changed the balance of your mix, &/or the intrinsic volume is very different the charge will be £15 for a re-run. If it’s radically different e.g. you have completely changed the bass sound, added a load of hi-hats & added a guitar, then it will probably be quicker & easier for me to simply do a whole new master. This is entirely at our discretion, but we will always let you know what we think & are happy to discuss options before springing a bill on you.