FREE Mastering taster


Send us your mixed track and we will give you a free mastering demo on it.

We will return your freshly mastered track spliced in with the original for instant comparison.


Please read our guide “Preparing your files” for the best final results.

(Or click here for further upload info)

Or try our Stem Mastering service for a massively reduced cost by purchasing the extra “Add stems” product along with the free taster. We will use your stems in the mastering taster, and once you are satisfied there will only be the price of the stereo mastering left to pay.

If there are any commercially released tracks you want us to reference then please let us know. Otherwise we are happy to use our discretion.

The mastering taster will start off with the original audio, then cut into the mastered version so you can immediately hear the difference. There are a few more A/B comparison cuts along the way. We make sure you can hear the mastering in every section. Some mastering taster examples are playable in the footer of our site.

We usually nail the master first time, but rest assured we are always happy to adjust our work if you require it.

Thank you for your interest in Fat As Funk. We look forward to working with you.