Magic Instrumental Mix Creation!


We can create an instrumental version (no vocals) from your vocal mix, if you don’t have the project file any more.

Having instrumental versions available is essential for professional uses like sync (getting your music on TV, movies etc.) or performing live. Having instrumental versions is considered industry standard these days.


We can remove the vocals from your mix as if by magic! Results are usually super-clean and often sound identical in quality as if you made an instrumental mix from the original project file.

Having an instrumental version is totally essential for sync licensing – being paid to have your music on TV, films, games etc.

Also incredibly useful to allow you to perform the vocals live with your track as backing.

Record labels, publishers and sync agents will also require instrumentals if you are pitching your tracks to them.

You will miss opportunities if you don’t have instrumentals. Simple as that.

Occasionally the magic instrumental creation process can leave slight vocal artefacts behind with some tracks, but even in the worse-case it will be good enough to use behind dialogue on TV or movie use – one of the main uses for instrumentals.

Having an instrumental version is the difference between a music supervisor choosing your track over someone else’s. It is an essential part of the modern music industry, and even if you are not yet in the position to have music supervisors listening to your tracks, it is a no-brainer to get instrumental masters done at the same time as your regular mastering job.