Magic Stem Creation From A Stereo Mix!


Need your stereo mix separated into separate parts (“stems”) for a label/sync agent/remixer/TV editor? We got you!

As if by magic, we can split your track into component parts and solve your problem.


Having separate parts of your track (“stems”) available is really useful for sync (getting your music on TV and movies etc.), and are often required by record labels, publishers, sync agents and remixers.

We can create stems for you as if by magic from a normal stereo mix. In general, we can split your track into drums / bass / vocals / the rest.

This opens the door for many other professional opportunities you may miss out on without having stems on hand.

Results can vary depending on the source material. They can come out totally clean and perfect, or sometimes may have minor digital artefacts remaining (sounds a bit like a very quiet ghost echo of other parts occasionally during the track). Even when there are artefacts the stems are very useable, and give remixers or editors options that would have been impossible.

We recently did it for the agency behind the season 2 trailers of a Netflix series “Karma’s World” and separated the source tracks from dialogue so cleanly, the job was able to be done. The technology works!