Album Mastering

Album mastering is where an engineer really demonstrates their skill. Mastering an album requires subtlety, intuition & a certain sprinkle of black magic that can only come with experience.

Fat As Funk offers great rates on album mastering, & you can order with confidence knowing that your carefully crafted collection of songs will stand up as a complete work. Your album will sound cohesive, level matched & with appropriate pauses between tracks (or we can do it seamlessly).

Even if you have a mixture of soft & heavy songs on the album, we can make them sound perfect together, & smooth out the discrepancies between mixes. All done keeping your preferences & ideas in mind.

We can flawlessly & sensitively blend highly dynamic, subtle material into an understated work of art, or we can make your bass-heavy album hit the listener hard and loud all the way through. Whatever the music needs, we can make it happen.