Client Testimonials

Unsolicited, genuine quotes from clients who are thrilled with their mixes/masters. We are grateful to have a business founded on repeat custom and industry recommendation, not artificially inflated social metrics and a huge advertising budget. People come back to us again and again – not just for the sound quality, but also for the personal service. We have become part of the team for many. Try us today and you will see why!

“Loz, it turns out you were the best to my ears, including people in multi-million dollar mastering facilities. I’ll have a load of stuff for you.” Augustine Leudar

“Dear Lawrence, Thankyou for this sample. I have to say we have looked at over 30 samples from mastering companies all over the world and yours is the one that ticks the most boxes as far as I’m concerned.” Gloucester Road

“You are the fast acting ibuprofen of audio engineering #noheadaches” Sheer Zed

I have been using Loz at fat as funk for a while now. Working through many genres. Enjoying both having my tracks mixed sometimes and always mastered. Each and everytime a joyful musical experience. Whilst keeping the character of your original tracks he intelligently ehnaces the sound waves to perfection. Every job is spot on I wouldn’t use anyone else. Great communication and always delivers on time.  Rob Cherryman

“Hey Loz, thanks for the feedback man! you’ve done a great job on on the masters, the best from all the ones I tried.” John Pablo Alto

“In my 25 years within the Music Industry as an A&R man, producer, songwriter, record company owner, lecturer and consultant i’ve had the opportunity of working with some excellent Mastering Engineers. Lawrence I can safely say is one of the best. His understanding of mastering coupled with his easy going approach, flexibilty and quality of work at a decent price make him an absolute treasure to work with in his particular field. I can’t recommend him enough.”
Richard Rogers – Ex Head of A&R for Warner-Chappell, co-founder of and music industry legend!

“Wow! I am absolutely blown away. The difference you have made is incredible and I love every bit of it. I think what you did on the vocals is perfect.” – Lucas Leitch

“Loz is one of the top mastering and mixing guys in the world. I was already happy with my records but Loz sprinkled his sonic magic dust… and wow. The technical excellence is obvious. Add to that the emotional intelligence to live the vision. He stops at nothing. Making music is the one – but solving creative puzzles can be lonely. Loz in your corner gives you lift-off.” – HEBDEN

(from a client with his own vinyl cutting lathe) “I did a test cut of your demo master alongside a demo master from another mastering engineer and I can confirm your master was really good, translated to vinyl well and was far better than the other engineer. I liked the way that you didn’t slam the mix too hard and the integrity of my mixdown was still there but you just made it come alive more and made it sound nice & punchy and also louder without destroying the dynamics.” – Ben Daly, I & I Musik

“We’ve been working with Loz for a number of years now across all our labels. The masters are always to the highest standard and always delivered on time. Loz offers very competitive rates and is always on hand to make minor adjustments when requested. Can’t recommend his services enough!”Material Music (Needwant / Future Disco / YEN / SODAI / STRESS)

“Everything bumps and grooves perfectly. Thank you. I can tell you must be in the zone when you work on these
masters. Have a great weekend and Thank You again for your excellent sonic services.”

“DUDE!!! this sounds unreal. thank you SO MUCH for not only providing this top quality work but also being able to get it done in such a short time. Really appreciate this!
You’ll definitely be hearing more from me with more music one day soon. have yourself a great day!”
Jesse Maxwell

“Fat as Funk are a great choice for professional mastering. Fantastic results achieved at very competitive rates.” Benedict Green  Flood The Floor

“I sent round some demos of my track Invisible Speeches after getting it mastered by Fat As Funk and it got picked up by a record label very quickly. So thanks for all your hard work and the great job you did on it!”  Zero Beats

“Loz! WOW. They sound beautiful. Kind of crying. Been 2.5 years to get here. Can’t believe it. That you got such round bottom-end with such depth to the mix as well, no loudness madness, is really impressive and everything I’d hoped for.”  Jung Jungle

“The Masters are amazing sound tearingly loud but controlled with really nice bass, SICKKKKK!  Dont think I need any changes mate , there booom, job done, have some more work for you soon.”  Aaron Audio / Sam & The Womp

“I LOVE how these sound!”  Candythief

“Thanks again mate, it’s truly magical what you’ve done. You’ve really bought out parts of the tracks that were hidden.”  Kino Bro

“We’ve been digesting the masters over the last few days and are absolutely delighted with them, you’ve got them nice and balanced and they’re cohesive too! Anyway thanks for your work, we are genuinely loving the sound of them!” Dave, Aptoms

“Love what you have done with the songs. It was like Christmas morning getting them back like that…. the best of presents! 🙂    thanks again so much.” Jim McGuire

“I have been an international writer/producer for many years ( and Loz is by far the best! I use him on all my projects and get excellent results. He goes that extra mile to make the difference and is co-operative and a pleasure to deal with. I COMMEND HIM TO YOU.”
Andrew Hayman

“Hi Lawrence, I’ve received the Stem Master. It sounds amazing, this is the best master I’ve received! Thank you for your work and for your kindness. 🙂 I wish you the best.”  Irene Conti

“From small speakers to club rigs. Fat as Funk gave me professional quality that sounds great on both, and with a free taster you really can’t go wrong!” DJ Reaction Bass Records

“After mastering our forthcoming EP (Sheer Zed’s The Cosmic Glue EP) the difference was staggering. Rich tones and dark underlying textures were magically teased from the mix, engorging the track with indeed fatness while maintaining it’s intricate detailed firmness. It was lovingly and robustly invigorated with frequency nourishment. We are completely delighted with the results and totally recommend this excellent professional service to anyone.”  Sheer Zed

“Juicy like a Tangerine!” Aron Kyne

“The mastered tracks sound great, they really do. I don’t think it could be better. Loz’ subtleties are well received, very happy with it.”

“Loz is incredible and also very modest at what he does , I was introduced to him through a mutual friend and my first experience getting a track stereo mastered was done with Loz and he worked with me to come to a master that matched my vision for my track, my second track has just been mastered by Loz again after firstly taking it somewhere else locally for a more expensive “sit in master” which was a big mistake ! , The track was not a sonically pure track as it sampled an old 70’s record which had been cleaned up yet still had uncontrollable issues relating to the audio sample and this didn’t phase Loz at all , where others had failed , he made the track even more sharp and fresher than I had managed to achieve which was incredible ,  there are many it seems who call them selves mastering engineers but few who actually know how to deliver the goods and Loz is most definitely one of those few.  They are magicians and Loz is and will be for the for see-able future a magician who I know i can rely on , the clarity he brings to a track is unreal.. at the same time as staying true to your original work.    ( and his customer service is exceptional!)”   Sincerely Dave Caine”

“Fat As Funk has changed average recorded music into tracks suitable for national exposure on radio stations for me.”
 – Rob Saunders, Deuce Management & Promotions.

“Massive thanks mate, what you did with the tracks sound amazing. Once I get this soundtrack label up and running I’ll definitely want you to work on those too.”  Deejay Skamrok

“I have been coming to Loz for the past year or so, and every time he has got my request for the mix and masters pitch perfect from the stems I give him to work with. Great conversation and communication, quick turn around time and if something isn’t perfect I can always get a redo on the track. Would highly recommend for all types of artists in the industry from producers to vocalist etc. Five star rating.” Niall – Kexperimental

“Thank you  we are happy with the results and so are the studio.” Regards, Sandira

“Hey! love the sample it makes our stuff sound awesome so thanks for that!”  Mitch Underwood

“Lush job mate, perfect..  just how I wanted it. Thank you very much
I’ll be in touch.” Matthew Puffett,  Future Beat Alliance

“Loz, it sounds MINT!”  DJ Dave Edwards

“Wow. I’m really impressed!!! The difference not only in volume but the whole punchiness of the track and the clarity of the sounds is amazing.” Jamie Dunn

“Hi Loz, Glad you like the track – it’s sounding great, thanks for that! Very pleased with it indeed. We’ll be putting a number of tracks together over the next few months for an EP release later in the year, so I’m sure we’ll be back in touch before too long 🙂    Cheers again for your hard work.”  James Shedden

“We’re delighted with those masters you sent us. They really are perfect and everyone on our end is happy.” A Futurist Theatre

“We decided to give Fat As Funk Mastering a go after seeing an article in K Mag (Nov 08). The prices were a fraction of The Exchange in Camden who we’ve used for years so it was just a case to see if the standard was as good. With the first track we sent there was a certain amount of pulling and pushing around whilst Loz got to know our sound and what we wanted. By the second track he had it worked out and gave us the right result immediately which was impressive. He also works outside of office hours which suited us much better and meant that we were able to communicate with him at all times of the day and night so deadlines became easier to achieve. Fast, efficient, accessible and great prices we totally recommend Fat As Funk for all your mastering needs.”

“Just listened to the mastered tracks.  SUPERB!  Please thank the chap who mastered it, he’s done us really proud here.” SH, Bristol, UK mastered for Breed Media

“Thank you for mastered file. I am very happy with your work and fully appreciate the job you have done on my song. I will keep your details for further projects.

Thanks ever so much.” Liam Magee

“Highly professional service, a diamond amongst coal.” Ben Woodward

“We recorded a new ep early 2009 and sent it to Fat as Funk for mastering. As a result of their speedy & high quality work, we are now geting lots of air play on various radio stations across the UK and beyond.”
Richie & Paul

“Great Mastering from Fat as Funk Mastering, Loz is really in tune with what a musician wants out of his tracks and his work has been brilliant and effective. Highly recommended to any group that wants great sounding tracks.”
Hezron Chetty member of Daniel Spiller And The Broken Record Project.

“I thought not much could be improved on my track when it was finished so I sent it off to fat as funk to test this theory, however they soon proved me wrong helping the overall balance and quality of the track as well as boosting volumes.” Racy Music

“I first got introduced to Fat As Funk Mastering through a friend and have stuck with them ever since! Fat As Funk Mastering always shows great attention to detail in all my work and delivers top results. Great company!”

“Great sounds, great quality at great speed and always on time, very professional…..It’s great working with you! Looking forward to working together on the next album!” Patryce powerladyrecords

“Fat As Funk Mastering has always been helpful when i first started wanted to get my tracks professionally mastered, Loz gave me good advice when it came to my mix down dB levels and what a good mix down looks like on a Wave form.”  Instinct Dubs

“Fat As Funk… superb quality, quick turnaround…I wouldn’t go anywhere else!”
Laurence Hobbs Blue Room Productions

“Hi Loz, Mike here from adult cinema.Just writing to say thanks for the mastering you did it most certainly does sound FAT. I’m really pleased so I will be using your services again for other projects. Ta ..Mike.”