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Pro Mixing and Mastering since 2006!

We will make your music sound delicious. We are highly experienced at mixing and mastering dance music (all genres), rock, hip hop, grime, funk, soul, reggae, ambient, jazz, trailer/cinematic, pop, dubstep and orchestral music… full-time since 2006!

Our masters regularly make the front page of Spotify, get A-list playlisting on major FM radio stations, land sync licenses on TV, films & trailers, get licensed to the majors, and receive millions of streams. We have become part of the team for labels big and small, managers, pressing plants, and sync agencies all around the world.

Mastered By Fat As Funk:

Danny Howard / Kraak & Smaak / Ruff Loaderz / LUXXURY / Kid Crème / Bilk / Tommy Farrow / Richie Blacker / Maxxi Soundsystem / Lau.Ra / Tres Mortimer / Chambray / Because Of Art / Meg Ward / Wax Worx / Will Easton / Joseph Ashworth / Lee “Scratch Perry” feat. Keith Richards & George Clinton / Prospa / Ten Walls / Few Nolder / Bondax / Sophie Ellis Bextor / Ekkah / Algorhythm / James iD & Ronnie Paccitti / Mario Basanov / Krywald & Farrer / Robert Owens / Ejeca / Vhyce / Gimbrere / Sam & The Womp / Bonar Bradberry / The Mekanism / Stefan Braatz / Gardens Of God / EYNKA / The Revenge feat. Danielle Moore / Urulu / Nicky Night Time / Yeadon / Renato Cohen…etc.

Listen To Our Mastering Work

Note – “before/after mastering demo” tracks cut in/out of the mastered version and the original, so you can hear the difference.

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“We’ve been working with Loz for a number of years now across all our labels. The masters are always to the highest standard and always delivered on time. Can’t recommend his services enough!” – Luke McFarlane – Material Music (includes: Needwant / Back To Mine / Future Disco / YEN / SODAI / STRESS Record Labels)

Music Mastering is a fine art. Fat As Funk will give your music a classy shimmer, bumpin’ bounce, just the right amount of sub, a fat kick and a warm analog feel, making them stand up proudly beside your favourite big tunes in a mix.

Competition in the music industry is fiercer than ever. Getting your tracks mastered by Fat As Funk will transform your productions into polished, punchy, radio-ready delights.

Having your tunes professionally mastered is a real bonus when sending demos to record label A&R, and it’s essential for tastemaker DJs, radio producers and playlist creators, who can tell a professionally mastered track from a quick home master, or disappointing mediocre online A.I. preset service (your music deserves the human touch).

Fat As Funk will elevate your tunes so they sound epic everywhere – you can be confident knowing that the bass and kick will hit just right, and the highs will shimmer without harshness – whatever the playback system.

Stem Mastering

You can add stems for only £7 GBP per stem. Sending kick and bass stems separately is the most popular choice for most dance music, as the low-end is tough to get right without professional acoustic treatment and a flat room response. (Please note working with stems is not included in the free demo).

Mixing And Mastering: After / Before Examples

Even great producers sometimes call in a 3rd party to finish their mix. Perhaps you’ve just heard the mix too many times and you’ve lost perspective – a common problem.

Or maybe you recorded it using lo-fi equipment and have taken your setup to the limit of what’s possible.

Don’t let your great ideas be badly represented by an unsatisfying mix – we can dramatically improve what you have recorded, and get your musical ideas sounding as good as you’d hoped they would.

Check out some of our Mixing + Mastering work:

Note – 2 versions of each track are in this player – the track above is our mix+master, the one below is the reference mix we were sent by the artist, so you can hear the improvement.

Upload Your Track Now and Try Us For Free!

Just send an unmastered stereo mix and we will show you our skills for free! We will send you back a short mastered section of your track so you can hear the difference immediately.

We usually find the sweet-spot first time, but if you do want any changes we will tweak the master fast, with no fuss.

You can save money on essential pro extras too – Instrumentals (no vocal versions), vinyl optimised versions or radio edits are only £10 each, and there are further discounts if you get several tracks mastered at once.

But for now just upload an unmastered stereo mix and hear how your music can sound Fat As Funk… for free!

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Mastering Electronica, Rock, Deep House, Tech-House, Bass House, Breakbeat, Progressive House, Hip Hop, Nu-Disco, Funk, Soul, Reggae, Acid House, Grime, Jazz, Orchestral, Afro Beat, Latin House, Future House – We Make It All Sound Fat As Funk!