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Online mastering free sample: get free track mastering on your mix!

try free online mastering demo

Humans are the natural choice to master your music – A.I. bots are getting better all the time, but they can’t feel the rush of a hot performer, or the anticipation of a bass drop. An A.I. bot will never shed a tear when the violins rise up, or a surge of energy deep within them from a wicked riff. You can… We can.

Mastering bots don’t have the soul that your music does. Hire a human for this crucial last stage.

You can try online mastering for zero cost (from a human expert), with no obligation to buy. We want to make your music sound amazing.

There’s nothing to lose, and the potential to make your music sound nice and expensive, for free!

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Add 2 free stems to your free online mastering demo, and test out our stem mastering service for free at the same time!

Or get a free alternative version of a paid-for master (instrumental, pre-vinyl, radio edit, clean mix etc.)

There’s also the option of a full mix evaluation for just £2 (usual price £10)

Or percentage discounts on our mixing + mastering packages.

If you’re a DJ there’s a discount for your DJ mix mastering when you sign up

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Read our article with tips on how to prepare your track for mastering.

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