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Black Friday Deals! 20% Off Album Mastering OR Add 2 Stems For Free

black friday 2022 album mastering discount fat as funk

Grab A Fat 20% Off Your Album Mastering OR Add 2 Free Stems To Your Master!

Offer 1: 20% Off Album Mastering

Order 10 tracks or more of “Stereo Mastering” & use the code: ALBUM20 at checkout. Valid until the 1st December 2022.

Offer 2: Upgrade To Stem Mastering, Add Two FREE Stems To Your Master!

Get a free upgrade to Stem Mastering, by adding 2 x free stems to your master on our winter deal, valid until spring next year.

Just order a “Stereo Mastering” & “Add Stems” (add as many stems as you like), then use the code at checkout to get 2 of your stems free!

Use this code at checkout: WINTERFREESTEMS

You can use this code up to 5 times, for up to 5 tracks, saving a total of £70! Note: the code only works once per order, so if you want to use it on multiple songs, do a separate order for each one & use the code again in each order.

Click here for more info about stem mastering and this offer

Upload Your Tracks Securely Here:

upload tracks for mastering to fat as funk

Established in 2006, Fat As Funk have worked on around 14,000 tracks, including many with multi-million streams/sales & iconic club bangers. We offer Mastering, Mixing, DJ Mix Optimisation, Mix Evaluations & Vinyl Mastering. We remain proudly independent.

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Online mastering free sample: get free track mastering on your mix!

try free online mastering demo

Humans are the natural choice to master your music – A.I. bots are getting better all the time, but they can’t feel the rush of a hot performer, or the anticipation of a bass drop. An A.I. bot will never shed a tear when the violins rise up, or a surge of energy deep within them from a wicked riff. You can… We can.

Mastering bots don’t have the soul that your music does. Hire a human for this crucial last stage.

You can try online mastering for zero cost (from a human expert), with no obligation to buy. We want to make your music sound amazing.

There’s nothing to lose, and the potential to make your music sound nice and expensive, for free!

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