We are an established professional audio mixing & mastering studio based in the U.K. with clients worldwide.

We will make your music sound expensive (but it won’t cost you too much).

The engineer Loz started Fat As Funk in 2006. He has spent a frankly unhealthy amount of time in studios since 1994 & has only ever worked in music related jobs. We have worked on around 13,000+ tracks over the years. When you hire us, you get the best client-value mastering in the industry. That’s a big claim, but I stand behind it.

We usually nail the job first time, and if you do have any revision requests, we attend to them fast (usually same day) thus saving you time so you can get on with releasing the record, not waiting around for your mastering tweaks, or wasting time with mediocre online AI services that will never give the results you want.

We take the greatest pride & care in our work, & have a tonne of satisfied clients who recommend us to others and say nice things. We are proud to state that the vast majority of our clients are regulars, or their associates sent to us on recommendation. We have become part of the team for many creative organizations from major global clients to bedroom producers.

We treat every job with a craftsman’s approach. We never skimp on effort, never rush a job, never use presets or recycle settings across different similar tracks. Instead we master every track individually with art & precision using a mix of analog and digital gear in a carefully set up, neutral response room though high-grade full-range monitoring. Our album mastering gives smooth results & transforms a collection of tracks into one cohesive work of art.

Loz our engineer is a music industry veteran, having attended numerous music conferences including London Calling (2007), 2 x MIDEM (2008/2011), 4 UKTI/BPI/MPA LA Sync Missions (2012/2013/2015/2018), Sync Sessions Metropolis (2016), Sync Summit London (2015), Sync Summit LA (2017) & numerous AIM, BPI, MPA etc. networking events since 2004. We have a broad understanding of your needs in the current music industry, & connections that run deep.

Loz also produces music/sound design for various sync agencies and music libraries in the UK & LA, and is A&R for a sync-focused production library (if your music is a good fit for TV, films or advertising then we may be able to hook you up with publishing and sync opportunities). His music has been used in the trailer for Alien:Covenant & more recently Antlers.

He has previously run a small indie record label (Alternative Blueprint), taught A-Level Music Technology, ran club nights, DJ’d, been an advisor for the Government’s New Deal For Musicians scheme, done live sound engineering and been a broker for vinyl & CD manufacturing.

We have a small archery range behind the studio, & Loz practices mindful archery to refresh his headspace between jobs, or when the computer screens get too much! This mind-emptying practice restores clarity in a hectic day, and gives the best audio results in the end.

Fat As Funk is a proudly independent family business. When you use us, your money does not go to faceless shareholders, or some Silicon Valley tech company intent on dominating the industry, but instead goes directly to feeding the kids & positive stuff like that! You get a level of personal service and friendly approach that is rare these days, with a level of professionalism to rival the world-famous suites.

Try us today, we won’t just be your new favourite mastering house, we can become part of your team.