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Mastering professionally for 12 years!

Time flies. Fat as Funk is 12 years old in a couple of weeks. A lot has happened.

We were one of the very first to offer free mastering tasters back in 2006, and since then have had the pleasure of working on over 10,000+ tracks! We’ve seen the rise of some of our regulars from small indie labels & producers to major players in the music game.

We were the first (I think) to offer full mix evaluations, which has been a really useful service for producers amateur & professional alike.

We have been the “in house” mastering engineer for 2 pressing plants, and 5 years ago even tried being a replication broker too – It turned out to be a total nightmare, so we decided to stick to our core business of making music sound beautiful instead! But it’s important to try new things…

We have expanded our services to offer stem mastering & mixing too, which we & our clients have been getting really excited about.

We have worked with some legends & personal musical heroes, and had the privelege of nurturing new producers too.

We remain proudly independent – when  you use Fat as Funk it doesn’t benefit a load of shareholders, your money goes directly to supporting a family business, feed kids & dogs, buy Christmas presents… Good stuff like that.

Our clients say nice things about us & keep coming back for more. We have become part of the team for many creative organisations.

Thanks a lot to all our awesome, talented clients. I’m raising a glass to the next 12 years!

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