Travel checklist – extras for your business travel packing list

As a seasoned international traveller for business and pleasure, here is my “essentials” travelling mix. All this stuff will make your journey easier, and help you have a relaxing time abroad.

This page accompanies an article I wrote called “Music conference success: 31 tips for music industry trade fairs”

You can also download a free printable travel checklist here.

Cabin Luggage Suitcase – this one is the maximum size for carry on allowance. Internal pockets & tough build.

Laptop bag – I like this one because it looks a little casual and has 2 x water bottle side pockets.

Worldwide travel power adapter – I love how this one works everywhere and has 4 x USB charging slots built in.

Foam earplugs – to reduce the plane noise. Wear under closed-back headphones and you can hear the movie with greatly reduced plane noise.

Portable Charger 22400mAh Power Bank – this one has a massive capacity and a built in torch.

Small but powerful flashlight – always good to have with you while travelling

Sony MDR-7510/1 Professional Studio Headphone – great headphones. Hear movies on the plane properly.

Next generation travel pillow – way better than the old style ones, which I found very uncomfortable.

Wallet Multi-Tool – I have the Wallet Ninja alternative, but this one looks even better!

Hand Sanitizer Gel 60ml  – under 100ml size means you can take it with you on the plane.

Clear Toiletry Bag with 8 Bottles (max.3.04oz/100ml) – make your life much easier with airport security. Fill the bottles with your preferred toiletries and keep it all under 100ml to comply with security.

Mini First Aid Kit – small size, but packs enough to deal with most common problems.

Ibuprofen Gel – brilliant for any sprains or strains while travelling. Sorts you out. Check if Ibuprofen suits you first.

Travel Sewing Kit – just in case you split your trousers en route. Seriously, these things happen! Be prepared!