Analog Mixing and Mastering bundles


We take your recordings & transform them into a record!

Your song will be mixed and mastered into a slick, professional track that can compete in the big wide world.

We include free mix revisions – you will be very happy!



Your audio recordings lovingly mixed & mastered with flair & precision.

We will tinker & tweak the EQ & dynamics using our analog and digital gear, balance the mix so the most important bits come through clear, get the vocal level to sit naturally, warm up the bottom end without making it muddy, & give the high end a crisp sparkle without any harshness. We will make sure the instruments are defined well across the stereo field giving a wide impressive mix. We know all the tricks for your music to translate well across every sound-system you play it through.

Analog Mixing + Mastering package deal prices:

Up to 9 stems = £85 (On sale until Xmas = £70!)
10-19 stems = £105 (On sale until Xmas = £90!)
20-29 stems = £115 (On sale until Xmas = £100!)
30-39 stems = £140 (On sale until Xmas = £125!)
40-49 stems = £160 (On sale until Xmas = £145!)
50-59 stems = £190 (On sale until Xmas = £175!)
60-69 stems = £220 (On sale until Xmas = £205!)
70-79 stems = £250 (On sale until Xmas = £235!)
80-89 stems = £280 (On sale until Xmas = £250!)
90-100 stems = £310 (On sale until Xmas = £280!)

(If you only have a few stems in your mix then you could get mix+master cheaper by usingadd stems to a normal stereo mastering job.)

We will take the time needed. We’ve seen other mixing websites boast of mixing 10+ tracks a day. How can they be taking enough time without rushing it? Or working on tired ears? Where is the perspective? We don’t rush it.

Our mixes & masters have been heard around the world on screen, major radio stations, sweaty clubs & even used in the international trailers for the Alien: Covenant & Underworld: Blood Wars movies.

For your peace of mind each package includes 10 free mix revision sessions per song (it never takes that many revisions).

Analogue mixing generally sounds better than mixing in the box. We use our analogue mixing desk to infuse your recordings with that magic touch, & also finesse the mix precisely using automation & the latest versions of various high-end software. We believe this approach gives the best results.

If you have recorded a load of different vocal takes & are sick of trying to figure out which bits are the best, we also offer a comping service to compile your different takes into the ultimate performance!

We always master your mix in a separate session on fresh ears to regain perspective – Loz does archery to clear the mind between mixing & mastering.

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