Music Industry Consulting

After many years in the music industry working in music production, post-production, sync licensing, publishing, record label and live music roles I am now offering bespoke Music Industry Consulting.

LA Sync mission outside Capitol Records, Los Angeles
Loz with his sync licensing hat on, in LA at Capitol Records working for Rinse The Sync

I was a Music Industry Advisor for the UK’s flagship New Deal For Musicians Government-backed scheme for 5 years back in the day, helping unemployed musicians get jobs in the industry. I will use the same tailored, structured approach to help you along your unique musical path.

I can give impartial opinions and guidance on all facets of the industry, and cast an experienced set of eyes and ears over your work, giving a professional opinion before you commit to the wider world.

I can help you set up a label, publishing company, guide you in how to make your music more sync-friendly, how to present your music, tidy up your metadata, advise on webdesign, Google Adwords etc.

Although I’m not a music lawyer, I have seen, signed and helped draft so many contracts, I can save you some legal costs by flagging potential issues BEFORE you take your contract to be professionally looked at, allowing you and the prospective company to work out the issues before a final lawyer’s check, thus saving you back-and-forth legal negotiations.

I have given a tonne of free guidance to my mastering clients over the years, and so now I feel it is a good time to offer it as a paid-for service. Rates are negotiable depending on what you need and your budget. We can cover a lot of ground in a single Zoom meeting, or perhaps you want a more regular approach.

Outside the palais de festivals, cannes. MIDEM
Waiting to enter the MIDEM conference, Cannes 2011
Sync Summit conference Rinse the Sync
At the Sync Summit conference, Hollywood, LA, 2018.
Loz in the control room Capitol Studio A, Los Angeles
In the Capitol Records Studio A comtrol room, Hollywood.
At the exclusive “Great” creative conference, London 2012.
British consulate networking drinks party, Los Angeles
British consulate drinks party for the Sync licensing indusrty, Los Angeles
Lanyards from numerous music industry networking events I have attended.

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