More thoughts about mixing and mastering

“Why pay a human? there are automated services out there that will master my track for almost free!”

Machines don’t have SOUL. Your music does. We do too.  Choose a human that you can talk to, who has FELT the joy of music rushing through their blood, who gets an emotional response from music not just cold binary code. Music needs a human touch at all points of the process, especially the final step in crafting the sound!

Or if you already prefer humans to AI… “So why pay a professional? My DAW says it has all I need already & I can master the album myself!”

Your DAW may have some tools built in already, and you’re already a hardened producer – but it’s no coincidence that pretty much every professionally released record has been mastered by someone outside the immediate production group. Even tracks produced in high-end studios employ different mastering engineers.

Everyone needs a Mastering Engineer with impartial, trained ears, who will take the time to listen to what you want to achieve and the confidence, experience and equipment to make the right decisions to tie all your tracks together and optimize your final sound into one cohesive work.Even the best producers find themselves getting too close to a mix and losing focus, often ending up tearing their hair out! We offer a mixing service too, so you can get dope sounding mixes and keep your hair on. 

Professional mastering is the last artistic step in the creation of a radio-ready, commercial sounding release. It should not be seen as ‘optional’. It brings out all the subtleties in expressive live performance, makes the bass bump & the treble sparkle. Good mastering makes the whole track seem bigger without destroying the dynamic range and tonal balance you’ve worked so hard to achieve in the mix. Magic can be done in the mastering suite.

We do mixing and mastering all day, every day. We know the art and the science of every genre intimately. We always take the time to do it right – no shortcuts, no compromise, every time.Our mixes and masters are regularly heard on Radio and used in TV and films. We consistently meet the quality control of the most demanding industry professionals, who keep coming back to us for the sound quality and also the service. We are proud to have built a business around word of mouth and professional recommendation. Check out our client list.

Whether you’re at the top of the industry or just carving your first steps, we can get the best out of your music so you can be totally confident in your sound, & let the music speak for itself.