Mixing Service

If you are banging your head against a mix & want someone impartial to give it the professional touch, then our mixing service could be just the ticket.

Loz has mastered around 7,000 tracks over the last 10 years, so you can be confident he knows what a good mix sounds like.

We can create a mix that will lead to an awesome master.

Analogue mixing generally sounds better than mixing in the box. We use our excellent analogue desk & hardware to infuse your individual channels with that magic touch, & also finesse the mix precisely using automation & the latest versions of various high-end software.

We know all the tricks to give you a great sounding mix – Dynamic, punchy, warm, balanced & uncluttered.

For your peace of mind we offer 3 mix + master revisions included in the price. We always master your mix in a separate session on fresh ears to regain perspective.

Mixing costs (per song):  ALL PRICES INCLUDE VAT!

  • Up to 10 Channels: £60
  • 11-19 Channels: £80
  • 20-29 Channels: £100
  • 30-39 Channels: £120
  • 40-49 Channels: £140
  • 50-59 Channels: £180
  • 60-79 Channels: £240
  • 80-100 Channels: £300

Instrumental version of the same mix = £10

Stems of the mix = £40

Clean edit of the mix = between £10 > £50 on top, depending how many edits (swears) need doing (the engineer will have to hear it first before confirming price for this service)

Mixing + Mastering package: Get the mastering for just £20 on top!