Mixing Service

We take your recordings & transform them into a RECORD! Amazing pro results at affordable prices.

Loz has been mixing music since 1996. We have worked on over 10,000 tracks since Fat As Funk launched in 2006, so you can be confident we know what a great mix sounds like, & how to mix your music for the best final master.

We will tinker & tweak the EQ & dynamics on every channel, balance the mix so the most important bits come through clear, get the vocal level to sit naturally, warm up the bottom end without making it muddy, & give the high end a crisp sparkle without any harshness. We will make sure the instruments are panned nicely across the stereo field giving a wide impressive mix.

We will also adjust many technical aspects of the mix that are not obvious, but make the difference for your music to translate well across every soundsystem you play it through.

We will take the time needed. We’ve seen other mixing websites boast of mixing 10+ tracks a day. How can they be taking enough time without rushing it? Or working on tired ears? Where is the perspective? We don’t rush it.

Our mixes & masters have been heard around the world on screen, major radio stations, sweaty clubs & even used in the international trailer for the Alien: Covenant movie.

Analogue mixing generally sounds better than mixing in the box. We use our analogue mixing desk & hardware to infuse your recordings with that magic touch, & also finesse the mix precisely using automation & the latest versions of various high-end software.

We know all the tricks to give you a great sounding mix – Dynamic, punchy, warm, balanced & uncluttered.

If you have recorded a load of different vocal takes & are sick of trying to figure out which bits are the best, we also offer a comping service to compile your different takes into the ultimate performance!

Even the best performers have a bad day, so if you need a little bit of Auto-Tune, we can do that on request.

We always master your mix in a separate session on fresh ears to regain perspective – Nothing like a bit of Zen archery to clear the mind between mixing & mastering!

For your peace of mind we offer 4 mix + master revisions included in the price.

Mixing costs (per song):  ALL PRICES INCLUDE VAT!

  • Mix Session Setup (charged on all Mixes): £20 then add:
  • Up to 10 Channels: £60
  • 11-19 Channels: £80
  • 20-29 Channels: £100
  • 30-39 Channels: £120
  • 40-49 Channels: £140
  • 50-59 Channels: £180
  • 60-79 Channels: £240
  • 80-100 Channels: £300

Instrumental version of the same mix = £10

Stems of the mix = £50

Clean edit of the mix = between £10 > £60 on top, depending how many edits (swears) need doing (the engineer will have to hear it first before confirming price for this service). Best results are achieved with a separate vocal stem. Some people see a high spend on this as a badge of honour…. No comment!

Comping service = £30 per hour (chargeable in 20 minute blocks). If you have recorded a load of vocal takes for example & can’t decide which ones sound best, we can make these decisions for you.

Manual Auto-Tune of vocals/instruments = £20 per stem

Please note these prices do not include mastering which is charged on top at usual rates.