Mix Evaluation Service

For a small fee the engineer can listen several times to your tracks through our lush speakers, with trained, experienced ears, & advise on pre-mastering mix specifics.
e.g.  “I think the vocals could do with an EQ boost of +1.2dB @ 2.5kHz, Q of 2” or “Lower the compression ratio on the backing vocals” or “The hi-hats are a bit harsh around the 8kHz region, try an EQ cut of -2dB @ 8kHz, Q of 2.5”  etc.
This service is even more helpful if you don’t have confidence in your room response or monitors. And if you don’t have the luxury of a sub bass, then this is definitely for you.
We will write a decent length report on relevant elements of the track, and answer any questions you may have after reading it.
Clients find this really useful to get a clinical opinion before they send us the mix for mastering. Getting an impartial opinion can be helpful too (“OK, maybe the guitar solo was a little too loud after all”)