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A few of our personal favourite mixing and/or mastering jobs:

(All tracks are © and all rights reserved by the respective owners)

Electronic / Techno: “hottest record in the world right now” (Oct ’18) BBC R1 Annie Mac. After a 13 year hiatus, seminal dance label Stress Records makes a stonking comeback. Mastering by Fat As Funk. Prospa – Prayer

Rootsy Rock and Reggae: It was an honour to work on Lee “Scratch” Perry feat. Keith Richards instrumentals, produced by John Saxon Sound, mastered by us.

Alt-Rock Trailer Music: 125 Channels of audio in this monster mix and master Automated Acoustics – Devil In your Eyes

House: This ubiquitous worldwide club banger mastered by us  Ten Walls – Walking With Elephants

Blues-Rock: The three-headed blues Hydra that are Miraculous Mule

Hip-Hop / Funk:  Fat As Funk has mastered all of the excellent OG-Originals Series on Vinyl. Seamlessly sonic matching old crusty Funk originals with the Hip-Hop records that sampled them.

Cinematic Journey: Live instruments & electronic wizardry from  Kino Bro

Drum & Bass: stem mastering  Global Brockout by BaBieDoLL & Interceptor

Drum & Bass/Dubwise: Loving these Dub Pistols – Real Gangster Remixes

Experimental / Classical: The innovative Ryan Vail uses us for his projects

Grime: Who’s On The Floor? The mighty Lady Marga MC

House: Few house producers are as cool as  Few Nolder – One

House: Get down & party to  Bonar Bradberry – 3two5 (Mario Basanov RMX)

Afro House: Stem Mastering on  Krywald & Farrer – The People’s Asafo

Electro: JungJungle – Another Lie California minimal synth funk operating at the highest level

Hip-Hop: Dutch crew De Cultuur are bringing some dope vibes

Trap DJ89 brings some heavy vibes

Cinematic Theme: mixed and mastered using raw recordings of live instruments only (no sample packs used)  Automated Acoustics – Fly High To Survive

Trip-Hop: A sultry voice, quirky lyrics & deep tones take Nat Ya to the next level

Before/after mastering demos:

All songs start off with the original mix I was sent, then it kicks into the mastered version for instant comparison (so it gets a lot louder suddenly – beware!). There are a few more A/B comparison cuts as the song progresses.
The final result of mixing + mastering will always be tied to the quality of audio going in, so I’ve carefully chosen a mixture of professional & more lo-fi productions to give a balanced perspective.


Koto Kill – War Zone – electro-rock. Good incoming mix. LISTEN
Yur Mum – Dr Zsolt – rock. Good incoming mix. LISTEN
Industrial Battle Orchestra – Underwater Hunter – electronic. Good source material. Mixed + mastered by us. This track is now signed to Pusher Music in LA, & is actively being pitched for major Hollywood Movies. LISTEN
Overmaars – techno. A little lo-fi on the original mix. Mastered by us. LISTEN
Joe Sharp & Dan Korn – acoustic. Great songwriting but lo-fi source audio, with lots of mic bleed between channels on a live performance, phase issues etc. Mixed + mastered by us. You can still hear it’s a little lo-fi, but the massive improvement is clear. LISTEN
Industrial Battle Orchestra – experimental classical. Good source material. Mixed + mastered by us. This track is now signed to Pusher Music in LA, & is actively being pitched for major Hollywood Movies. LISTEN